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Maggie! im a eighteen year old senior, actress, guard girl, Drum Major, artist, cosplayer, singer, dancer, babysitter, miracle worker, Pagan, dreamer, Homestuck, Whovian, Sherlockian, Hufflepuff, flutist, scholar and everything else under the sun. take a look around, these are the windows to the inside of my mind.
{ wear }
i5s that time if the year. #dca #championships #bushlife
faux leather jacket.
posted: 6 days ago
Connecticut is the greatest.
posted: 1 week ago
all I own is black.
posted: 1 week ago
spiritual packing.
posted: 1 week ago
Guatemalan Worry Dolls.
posted: 1 week ago
tomorrow is my last day as a Safari Tour Guide. I have mixed emotions, but this is my usual uniform set up. #sora
posted: 1 week ago
posted: 1 week ago
all i can see is the sky.
posted: 1 week ago
throwing back today! #girlscouts #shrinkeydinks #swaps #campkettlerun
IT CAME #avengers #captainamerica #backpack
i found some finger cymbals and… well… I made some baby marching cymbals. #cymballove
slow safari day. #sora
posted: 2 weeks ago
new watch.
posted: 2 weeks ago
braids for dayssssss
posted: 3 weeks ago